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L*SPACE is one of Narcissus Gainesville’s absolute favorite swim and cover-up brands. A best-kept summertime treasure, California-based L*SPACE knows that swimsuit season is also a mindset and designs accordingly. The brand is passionate about the fit of their products and when something fits and feels just right, both on your body and in your life, good things happen. Winning the coveted SIMA Swimwear Brand of the Year multiple times, as well as Mercedes Benz Designer of the Year for founder Monica Wise, L*SPACE remains true to its original easy, sophisticated and comfy aesthetic. Modern, chic, unfussy, flattering and using select materials that actually hold up and last, L*SPACE swimsuits and cover-ups applaud how you feel when everything in life fits as it should. Love, Laugh, Live and Lounge…..what’s your L?

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